My feelings for you swing back and forth like a child on a swing set

Up – the joyful glee of soaring through the air

Pure happiness in the moment with you

Down – the uncertainty and the power of free-fall

Doubts racing past my eyes

The intensity scares me.


Will we go up again or will we tumble off the swing,

crashing to the mulch below,

leaving scars on our scratched-up knees like old




I wasn’t sure you’d understand

but you sure try as hard as you can.


You sift through my gaze,

making your way through the maze.


Without a map,

you search for your treasure

filling the space between us, this gap

with all your love – far beyond measure.


I know that look in your eyes.

You’re waiting for me to say I’ll stay.

I’ll give up all my crazy dreams and fantasies to be here with you.

Safe in your arms.



But honey the safe world is not meant for me,

I’d much rather jump out of this plane

sans parachute this time.