Take time

If there is one thing I wish I could go back in time and remind myself over and over again growing up, and to never feel ashamed about, is to take time for yourself. Take the time you need to reach the goals you have and do what you want with your life. If you don’t take the time when you’re right in the middle of figuring everything out, when will you ever have the time? If you keep putting off thinking about life, thinking about the big things, you’ll lose yourself in the small things. 

And the thing about small things is – they make you feel small. They make you forget about the enormity of life and the absolute infinite expanse that is your destiny, your soul, your path. The small things box you in, cut you down, until you no longer remember what it was like to stand tall anymore. 

Stand tall. Reach higher. Think big. Take time.


growing up, I used to think that destiny was like branches on a tree

there was no set path, no set-in-stone direction that your life would take

instead, you make decisions or reactions

that shape the way your branch weaves and bends

sometimes your branch breaks off onto a longer path

sometimes a shorter one

every “no,” every “yes,” gave growth to another split in the branch

reaching, reaching, twisting for the next move

trying to get higher and higher

there is no right or wrong way for a branch to look

it just grows

and so we make our decisions, shape our lives like a big strong oak

my only question was:

how far will my branch grow?

a b c

I must be learning the a b c’s again.

Baby steps to figure out what love is like.

A – a kiss. How do you kiss someone you feel no emotional connection to? Not like you.

B – boy. A different one every so often, they come and go. None make me feel as you did.

C – cupid. Suddenly hit. Not sure if I am ready for this – again.


Who is playing with my heartstrings?



too long

it’s been too long

i’ve been thinking about you

do you think about me

as often as I dream of you?


time has passed

but you’re stuck in my head

as if you’ll never leave

hopefully I’ll move on instead


it’s been too long

me thinking about you

and pretty sure

with me, you’ll have nothing to do.


cat lady

sat in bed with a cat on my lap

reading a book – or deciding whether to nap

alone in my room, just me and the cat

calm and quiet, nothing can compete with that.


as the years pass, I wonder and ask

if anyone in life will be up to the task

of standing next to me, for all to see

a relationship – a “you and me”


after many nights

a few good fights

we’ve arrived where we’re at

next to you

sat in bed with a cat in my lap