Why do I come back

Why do I come back to the old

That which I thought I had left behind


There is nothing for me here,

Yet I return each time


Hoping to continue on.

To the next stage, to fulfill myself


But instead I placate myself

With things beneath me


Instead of shooting for the stars,

I stay where I am, easy pickings


I don’t look towards the sky

As I reach out for my next job


I look around me, I look behind me,

Something has stopped me from looking forwards


Why do I insist on stagnation? Moving backwards?


Am I afraid that I have moved forward too fast? That I have not actually moved forward enough?

Or do I think that I was unsustainably jostling ahead, lightspeed, only to be caught in a black hole,
And spit out again, not knowing who or where I was.


One thought on “Why do I come back

  1. Wow.. very deep and exploring. See if you could correct the spelling mistake in “I don’t look toards the sky”.

    The old which is pulling you back, should act like a base of yours to move forward. And since any moving forward comes with a tiring journey, you might need to come back to your base to rest for a little bit before continuing your journey. Think of this base as something that actually moves with you wherever you go.


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