House In My Head

When I was six I built a house inside my head

A quaint yellow bungalow with blue flower boxes


As I got older and older,

I added more rooms for every occasion


A room lined floor to ceiling with books

So that I could expand my mind


A room with ingredients from all over the world

To craft delicious recipes


Then a room to keep my computers

To work and study as much as I could


Then a room for friends

To entertain as many as I could


A room for exercise

To stay in as best shape as I could


Then a room with beds

To take my lover to enjoy


Then a room for dreams

To fill with my hopes for the future


Each room, built on top of eachother,

Layered like the leaning Tower of Pisa


Until the house became a hazard

We could fit no more rooms


I could not fit any more dreams, people, careers

Into any of the rooms


The house became like that of a hoarder,

Filled to the brim


Hallways stacked and squished

with piles that loomed over my head


What would be the straw

to break the camel’s back


Each object, option, choice unfulfilled

Had taken too much space from me


I became paralyzed,

I could not move in this house I had build for myself


Finally, I gathered strength

I tried to take a step forward

The house collapsed.


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